Vote for The Ultimate “24” Character* (Championship Final)

*obviously, the ultimate is Jack– this is for who is first runner-up…

The Fox summer series “24: Live Another Day” is over. So is our summer review podcast “Anutha Twenny Fo”, but the “24”-a-Mania rolls on!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hosting a bracket tournament with our fine friends at CHALLONGE.COM.
The Ultimate “24” All-Time Bracket pit characters from across all 9 days of the series (including the 24: Redemption miniseries) against each other in a 64-seed single elimination slobberknocker. Four regions were used: CTU, Villains, Politicians and Miscellaneous Threats (for the Misc. Threats region, we had entrants such as Sentox nerve gas, Kim Bauer, The Cougar from Day 2 and Jack’s heroin addiction).

But now we’ve made it to the FINAL SHOWDOWN between our last two competitors:

Chloe O’Brian vs. President David Palmer

Who is the Ultimate "24" All-Time Character? (besides Jack, of course). VOTE NOW!!
Who is the Ultimate “24” All-Time Character? (besides Jack, of course). VOTE NOW!!

Who will win? Who would you vote for? Let’s review the tale of the tape… (click after the jump for more)

ChloeChloe O’Brian
played by Mary-Lynn Rajskub
Former analyst, intelligence agent and acting special agent in charge of CTU. Former member of internet hacktivist group Open Cell
Jack Bauer’s right hand gal and best friend
Active on 24 from Days 3-9
Mother to Prescott O’Brian. Widow to Morris O’Brian
Dated Spenser Wolff, Milo Pressman & Adrian Cross
Strengths: Highly intelligent, Loyalty to Jack, Technological genius, Direct and to the point
Weaknesses: Easily swayed by family, Loyalty to Jack, Blunt and direct demeanor considered unfriendly, Awkward communication skills
Defeated: Round 1- Janis Gold,  Round 2-Michelle Dessler, Round 3-Renee Walker, Round 4-Tony Almeida, Final Four-Nina Meyers

Prev220x01President David Palmer
Played by Dennis Haysbert
Former lawyer, Senator (D.) from Maryland and the first African-American President of the United States
Saved by Jack Bauer on numerous occasions. Avenged by Jack Bauer.
Active on 24 from Days 1-5
Ex-Husband to Sherry Palmer. Brother to Wayne Palmer. Father to Keith and Nicole Palmer.
Dated Anne Packard
Strengths: Charismatic leader, Practical and wise, Strong beliefs and values.
Weaknesses: Undermined by scheming (Sherry) or incompetent (Wayne) family members, Selection of shady Cabinet members, Undermined by political allies and enemies, Assassinated by a sniper.
Defeated: Round 1- Chief of Staff Tom Lennox,  Round 2-NSA Advisor Karen Hayes, Round 3-First Lady Sherry Palmer, Round 4-President James Heller, Final Four-Jack’s Heroin Addiction


So, who wins? You decide! Scroll back up and cast your vote! We’ll announce the final winner on a future episode of Classick Team-Up!

Check out previous episodes of Anutha Twenny Fo, a Cold Slither Podcast Network production.





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