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What is the CSPN?
What shows do you have? How can I be down?
How can I listen to your shows?
How much does this cost?
What was the Cold Slither Podcast?

What is the CSPN?

The CSPN (or ‘Cold Slither Podcast Network’) is a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. Assembled after the inspiration of the old ‘Cold Slither Podcast’, this network carries on the legacy of the original show and then some.

Who’s on the CSPN? How can I join?

Here’s a rundown of the shows we are now featuring on our network feed:

  • Crown & Collards – hosted by Dan & Jeremey, this podcast is best described as a “catfish dinner” that your aunt probably listens to, even if you don’t. With segments such as the weekly awards, Bring It Byke, This Week in New Black, and Missed Connections, this show will have you laughing.
  • The Gridiron Gals Podcast – hosted by Chels and Reeta, The Gridiron Gals bring their fandom and deep knowledge of the game of football to the CSPN’s airwaves with reviews, predictions and interviews of the NFL and college ranks.
  • Comic Book Chronicles – hosted by The KLIQ Nation, a weekly show presenting news, reviews and sometimes interviews in the world of comic books, including comic book television shows and superhero movies.
  • The WrassleCast – a weekly review and discussion of the world of professional wrestling, hosted by four highly knowledgeable fans in Samuel Colunga, Don Delarente, DeeDeeJonee, & Magnum Prime.
  • Ratchet Ramblings – hosted by Jeremey & Candice, this weekly show recaps the latest drama and shenanigans from your favorite reality television shows, from Real Housewives to Love and Hip Hop!
  • Classick Team-Up! – an interview show co-hosted by CSPN co-founder Classick and podcast newcomer Amber, featuring a variety of interesting guests, plus the occasional round of Classick Role-Play or Name That Flick to keep them on their toes.
  • Know the Score – CSPN’s groundbreaking weekly sports show, reviewing and recapping the week in all things sports with stories, interviews, features, and panel discussions each episode.
  • BeerItIs – On this show about craft beers, host Nubyjas Wilborn takes listeners along on tours and interviews with owners of craft breweries for discussions about the beer scene from a black perspective.
  • Cast of Strong Style – Co-hosts Don Delarente & Miss Moto cover all things surrounding the international phenomenon of New Japan Pro Wrestling in this thrilling sports show.
  • The New Slay Podcast – Join Jordan Renee, Seattle Slim, and Alexis Littlefoot for a weekly episodic podcast where three women of color talk wrestling with major shade throwing involved.
  • Ridin’ and Rollin’ with Chris Stevens – host Chris Stevens takes listeners through the love and passion of all things wheels in this podcast about cars, featuring automotive news, car reviews, and the featured Old School Ride of the Week.

More shows are still to come. If you have or know of a podcast that you’d like to add or see featured on this network, let us know!

How can I listen to the CSPN? 

  • Google Play MusicCSPN’s podcasts feed is now on Google Play Music’s podcasts platform. Now audiences have a new way to listen to all the current and previous CSPN shows.
  • Soundcloud now you can hear us on Soundcloud, available at soundcloud.com or via their mobile app!
  • iTunes Store & Apple Podcasts subscribe and download the show to your iPad, iPod, iPhone or other device & listen via the iTunes store and the Apple Podcasts App! Great for adding to your workday listening or your workout or comic book shopping playlist!
  • Stitcher Radioyou can stream the show to any smartphone or mobile device using the Stitcher Smart Radio App without having to download the episode. Great for listening in the car or anywhere you get a signal!
  • TuneIn Radio – from sports, to news, to music, to talk, TuneIn provides listeners access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent. Another great option for listening on the go!

 You can also listen to shows right here on this site, just click on the “Podcasts” tab.

How much will this network cost me? Why should I pay for podcasts?

NOTHING and YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR PODCASTS! In the tradition of our old CSP show, the network of podcasts will be available to all listeners and subscribers for the low, low, low, LOW price of Free.99, marked down to Free-Fifty, marked down to ABSOLUTELY FREE! However, if you do want to give back to the CSPN, you are free to donate or click on any of our affiliate links.

Donate? You need money?

Yes, as with most podcasts, there are costs involved, including server space, bandwidth, equipment, etc. You can donate via Paypal to help if you so choose. Or simply donate a tweet or other social media post to promote your favorite show. We won’t ever turn down the power of good ole fashioned word of mouth!
Check out our “Donate” page for more info.

OK, that’s cool. What do the affiliate links do? How does that help you guys?

Similar to donating, but without you having to shell out extra money, clicking on our Amazon storefront link to do your usual online shopping gives us a percentage of the sale paid to us by Amazon. Same goes for signing up for a 30-day free trial with audible, buying your comic books from MyComicShop.com, or ordering some adult toys from Adam & Eve Toys. AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, you help us keep the podcasts going.

I see the tab for “Podcasts” here. What about these “Blogs”, what’s in there?

Nothing gets past you, does it? That’s where we keep our collection of blogs, grouped by subject matter. Many of them are posts written by our creative contributors, such as Claymation Werewolf. Other features (mostly written by Classick) are looks at old video games (Retro Video Game of the Moment), old movies (Classick Cinema) or old/new/recommendations of music (Slither Sounds). Finally, there’s a section of posts that were done for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, a group of fantastic bloggers who write based on weekly assignments.
Did we mention that we are open to new contributors? If you like to write and want your post featured on our site, all you need to do is ask!

What was the Cold Slither Podcast? Why did you pick that name?

The Cold Slither Podcast was a weekly show where we  would drop knowledge on many topics of the 80s and 90s including cartoons, television shows, movies, music, comic books and pro wrestling.

The original show hosts were:

  • Classick Material – Brooklyn native. Old school hip hop fan. Comic book reader and comics stash owner. Classick was the anchor and was usually right, when he’s not mostly wrong. (@classickmateria)
  • eclectik relaxation – VH1 Soul in a BET World. Deeply knowledgeable and highly critical. eclectik provided color commentary for the show. (@eclectik)
  • TimDogg 98 – Tweeting/blogging views on comics, sports, movies, TV, wrestling, tech & much more. #KLIQNation member. Suckaz gotta know! Tim was the young gun of the trio, providing fresh perspectives on topics and keeping up with more modern pop culture. (@timdogg98)

The original three are all fans of G.I. Joe (the “Cold Slither” episode, in particular) who wanted to make a podcast using that name.

What happened to the old show? Why isn’t that on anymore? Who do we blame for this?

After a three-year run which saw some fantastic moments and episodes, the show ended. Plagued by sporadic gaps in the run, circumstances involving one of the hosts made it impossible to maintain a regular podcast schedule or regular maintenance. The show was eventually put on indefinite hiatus and later it was decided to end it altogether. In 2014, the original three co-hosts reunited to record their series finale while commemorating the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s “Batman” film. That is the final episode of the Cold Slither Podcast.
Oh, and it was Classick‘s fault.

Where can I listen to or find the old Cold Slither Podcast?

Here on this site! The CSP series finale is currently on the podcast feed, however all old episodes have been archived and are available as links within each of the original CSP show posts still present on this site.
Just click on the “CSP Archive” link under the “Podcasts” tab.

How can I comment on the shows or the network, ask questions or get in touch with you guys about being a guest?

It’s easy to reach us. If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve accomplished half the battle. All you gotta do is either comment on any of the pages on this site or e-mail us directly at mail@cspn.us.

As for becoming a guest on any of our shows, we’re always on the lookout for interesting people to talk to. If you have a Skype account, a smartphone app OR a computer with a working microphone and headphones (preferred over speakers, less echo), availability for a call and something to share, you’re more than welcome as a guest on any of our shows. We’ll let you plug what you want, promote whatever projects you have and say what you like . Again, contact us at mail@cspn.us and let us know of your interest and recording schedule preference.

What happened to the other two original hosts?

They’re still around and still friends of the show, as well as silent (not anymore) partners of the CSPN. You can find new episodes of Eclectik’s (Podcast EDP) and Tim Dogg’s (The KLIQ Nation, Comic Book Chronicles) podcasts as featured boxes on this very site.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Best podcast nomination! says:

    The Muppets inception is the first show ive heard of your podcast and already I’m hooked! You get points for bringing up Living Dolls AND Tales from the Darkside. I loved horror shows as a kid and you are so right that the theme music for tales was super creepy…I would have to rush to turn down the music as a kid cause the music sounded so triply/evil/demonic. Scary!

    Keep up the awesome work! Would love to talk all things 80s! 🙂

  2. love the show, guys! It gets better and better each week. Lets try and figure out when we can get the two podcasts together for our MEGA POD. #synergy

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