Episode 35: Super Slither – The Superman Show

This episode the crew talk about one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, the red ‘n blue boy-scout himself, the Last Son of Krypton… yes, this show is about Superman.

General Zod made shiny suits look good in the 80s while Puffy was still in grade school.


And who better to join our discussion on the legacy of the Superman movies than our very special guest? She’s a sports writer, model, actress, radio host, activist and a personal friend of the podcast… we’re pleased to welcome the phenomenal Lizz Robbins to our program!

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Topics discussed:

Best and Worst of The Superman Film Trilogy

Memorable Moments

Best Villains

“Kneel Before Zod!”

Why is it so hard to make a good Superman movie?

The upcoming Superman reboot for 2013.

Superman on TV and in the comics

Other favorite superheroes

Why no respect for Aquaman?

Possibilities for a Justice League movie.

A HUGE Thank You to this week’s guest, Lizz Robbins!!

Arguably our most gorgeous guest ever... but which of you fools wanna argue against this?
Arguably our most gorgeous guest ever… but which of you fools wanna argue against this?

Lizz Robbins can be heard weekly on The Sports Package on The “Ladies First” Show starring DJ Monie Love. Tune in to Sirius/XM ch 46 every Saturday at 6pm, replay Sunday at 10pm.

Official website at http://lizzmodel.com

Follow Lizz on twitter @Lizzs_Lockeroom

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Reign of the Supermen?
(image via JocksandStilettoJill.com)
Aquaman gets little respect among superhero fans. All that changes today!
Aquaman gets little respect among superhero fans. All that changes today!
FACT: “Lois and Clark” killed Superman!
What hope is there for the Superman franchise with “The Man of Steel” coming in 2013? Henry Cavill dons the red & blues for this upcoming feature.
(Image via TheKLIQNation.com)

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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“Superman, you’re just in a slump! You’ll be great again! Put the yac down, Superman!”

Thanks for enjoying the Cold Slither Podcast! You’ll be joining us soon!
“You Grew Up On It!”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Davenappy says:

    Great show! And I must say a very attractive guest. I must say that the guests are getting better and better! And Superman may have been the first, but he is far from the most interesting character out there.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dave! Yeah, we’re raising the bar each week, although I’m sure there’s not much better that we can do than Lizz, who I agree is extremely easy on the eyes (and ears!). Had fun talking Supes, but there’s plenty we left on the table for a future discussion. You notice how everyone disrespects my man Aquaman, though? What up with that?

  3. NicJu says:

    Great show, great guest, she even sounds gorgeous!!!! You know I can’t get enough of yall, but I really did appreciate the shorter show. Keep up the good work, guys.

    1. LOL that is a fantastic compliment, especially coming from someone just as gorgeous herself! I’ll pass it on. Yeah, this one was shorter due to time constraints,but we were able to pack a lot in such a short window. Thanks again, we do it for you, babe!

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