The Cold Slither Podcast Reunion/Series Finale: 25 years since Tim Burton’s “Batman”


This is it! The final episode of the Cold Slither Podcast. Classick, Eclectik and Tim Dogg reunite one last time to send off the podcast they spent three seasons working on. We also celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Batman”, the groundbreaking film directed by Tim Burton.

We shine the Bat signal for our final episode.
We shine the Bat signal for our final episode.

Several guests from past CSP shows make appearances, including Nic Ju, William Bruce West, Brent from Georgia, Agent70 and Beauty Jackson.

Enjoy every bit of this three hour episode, as it will be the last of its kind. And listen to hear about the future of the CSP site and this podcast feed!

Thank you all for listening!

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If you want to watch the crew as we recorded live last week, view our Google+ Hangout for this episode below.

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