Anutha Twenny Fo #08: The Yorkshire Window (a.k.a. “Nasty Navarro” or “Prophylactics and Breathmints”)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

Jack finally catches up with Margot Al-Harazi. Guess where she's headed?
Jack finally catches up with Margot Al-Harazi. Guess where she’s headed?

In this episode…. someone else dies! A few someones, in fact…

This week, Classick and Beauty Jackson break down the 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM hour of 24: Live Another Day. After learning of President Let-Them-Play’s fate, we review the steps Jack, Kate and Chloe go through to try and stop the Al-Harazis from deploying another drone strike. Defeated goateed techie, steamy Audrey, salty Mark, Nasty Navarro, the world’s dumbest universal remote and “condom eyes” are all discussed this episode.

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One of these men jammed to Ms. Jackson's nasty groove back in 1989.
One of these men jammed to Ms. Jackson’s nasty groove back in 1989.

Other stuff discussed

Cheeto dust removal services

President Let-Them-Play’s track record at stadiums

President Let Them Play is the champ of stadium miracles. First, the Astrodome…
… and now Wembley Stadium! Still undefeated!

“Nasty Boys”

That’s right, Agent Navarro himself was one of the “Nasty Boys” in the 1989 NBC  series of the same name. (Benjamin Bratt, 2nd from left)

Ferrero Rocher

“Grown folks candy”

Pepperidge Farm

Opulent-ass cookies

Fishless Tuna

From the makers of Collardless Greens and Chitlinless Chitlins…

Non-Bacon Bacon

Crenshaw Pete & The Pimp Counsel

The Nasty Boys of pro wrestling

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