Anutha Twenny Fo #07: Jack Kervorkian & The Heller-copter (w/guest Beauty Jackson)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

In this episode…. someone dies!

Will President Let Them Play do for Wembley Stadium what he did for The Houston Astrodome?

Returning co-host Beauty Jackson is this week’s Chloe, as she and Classick break down a bad Father’s Day, Casey Kasem, Tony Gwynn, the Spurs beating the Heat and much, much more. Oh yeah, they also take time to talk about the 6-7 PM episode of 24: Live Another Day…

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Ya'sssssssss al Ghul
This week’s Chloe: None other than the incomparable Beauty Jackson!

Beauty Jackson is the witty, creative and extremely funny mother of two awesome children. She has made appearances on “MadMenPod” as well as an epic two-parter on “Classick Team-Up.” Follow her on twitter @beauty_jackson. Keep up with her writings and other developments (like a podcast!) on her site


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The Cold Slither Podcast.


Classick, Eclectik and Tim Dogg come back together again LIVE on Tuesday, June 17th at 7 PM EST to record their SERIES FINALE! Come join us live and talk about 25 years since Tim Burton’s groundbreaking film “Batman”.  Details right here on this site. (*if you can’t join live, leave us a voicemail at 331-6-VIPERS, that’s 331-684-7377)

Rest In Paradise to Casey Kasem & Tony Gwynn. Prayers go out to their families and fans.



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