Marvel vs. DC – now playing at your nearest video game consoles

With Iron Man 3 and now Man of Steel hitting theaters and breaking the box office banks, the summer movie season is now in full swing. Of course, talk and speculation abound about current and future comic book movie projects really boils down to just two companies… Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Which universe is better? Which characters are superior? Which company is gonna take home more bucks and sell more comics and attract new readers with stunts that make absolutely no se…

Back on topic!

Here’s a few video clips of some recent Marvel vs. DC action across various current video games, some of which you probably have. Many of these were done via some sort of hack, mod or custom create-a-character edit that took many more hours than we have in our days. Kudos and props to such creative fanboys. Enjoy the show!

WWE ’13

NBA 2K13 – Avengers vs. Justice League

Soul Calibur V


Got any others you’d like to see? Recommend them in the comments below!

JLAAvengers Perez

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