Slither Sounds: “Chrono Jigga”, “Mario Deep” & new Lee Treble!

Welcome to Slither Sounds!

Today’s post is an offering of some new and recent music that we recommend you check out! If you like mash-ups, video game music, hip hop, neo soul or jazz, well your ears are gonna thank us….

Chrono Jigga

If you’ve ever played the Super NES video game system or have heard of it from the 1990’s, you know all about the epic role-playing game Chrono Trigger, which was an excellent blend of fantasy, magic and time travel. I have it ranked very high on my personal favorites list of video games, as I do the soundtrack! Well, music producer and rapper 2 Mello has taken what was originally “a little joke project” and put together a great album mixing the Chrono Trigger soundtrack with some of rap icon Jay-Z’s greatest hits. Chrono Jigga is a fantastically arranged mash-up of both worlds that just sounds awesome! Enjoy the samples below, visit their site to download and tell a friend!

Twitter: @MelloMakes

Mario Deep

In case you haven’t enjoyed enough mash-up madness, riddle me this… what do you get when you combine Super Mario Bros. with Mobb Deep? Teddy Faley gives us this remix project which puts Havoc and Prodigy in the world of Mario and Luigi and two unlikely to ever meet classics become an all-new classic! (pun intended?) Give it a listen, a download, and again, tell a friend!

Twitter: @teddyfaley

New music by super-producer extraordinaire Lee Treble

You’ve heard his tunes all along during our podcast going all the way back to episode 1. He’s Lee Treble, a.k.a. Lee Trebeaux a.k.a. Lee BLVD a.k.a. DJ Dos Locos Tacos Treble (kidding)!

Well now make sure you get a taste of his newer creations, and share with friends.

Neosoul, Meet The NepTUNES

Part 1 of a 5-part Neosoul Meets The Neptunes series, these tracks cannot be missed!


More music by Lee, featuring fresh jazz grooves “Skyscrapers” and “Leeway”

Lee Treble? Jazz?? NO DOUBT!! Enjoy!


Keep up with our main man Lee on twitter @leetreble_

Like what you hear? Have any recommendations for future “Slither Sounds” posts? Hit us up in the comments, or e-mail us at!!

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