Episode 24: My Slither Sweet 16 (CSP-S2Ep12)

The Scarlet Spider wore a hoodie. However, he could also defend himself. RIP Trayvon Martin.

The CSP crew are BACK with a brand new episode! This week, they are joined by first-time guests Dave Nappy (@davenappy) and Rhett Kahn, a.k.a. The Claymation Werewolf (@claymationhowl) to talk about the “Sweet 16” finalists in our SLITHERMADNESS tournament.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

“He and I go waaaayyyyy back!”

Dave is an old friend of Classick’s (they go way back like Han and Lando!) and of course you know Claymation Werewolf from his awesome blog posts here on ColdSlitherPodcast.com!

To start the show, the trio of Classick, Eclectik and Tim Dogg recap what’s been going on with guest appearances, individual projects, and games played growing up. Then it’s time to recap Slither Madness tournament, which finds the field narrowed down to the Slither “Sweet 16”. Matchups are reviewed and predictions made. You can vote for your favorites by checking out the polls now here at ColdSlitherPodcast.com!

Can Randy “Macho Man” Savage triumph and move on to the SLITHERMADNESS Elite 8? Find out in this very episode!

Thanks to this week’s guests!
Dave Nappy can be found on twitter (@davenappy).

Claymation Werewolf can be found on twitter (@claymationhowl). He also contributes to the Cold Slither Podcast site (http://coldslitherpodcast.com/category/claymation-werewolf/), as well as the Retroist (http://www.retroist.com/author/claymationwerewolf/). But to get the full effect of his strangely awesome work, check out his very own blog (http://claymationwerewolf.blogspot.com).

Check out Claymation Werewolf’s blog!

Also special thanks to our sponsors and donors of the show and our Slither Madness tournament, especially the homie El Fin a.k.a. @iWalkLess on twitter!




Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

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Can The Dark Knight outlast the Berserker Barrage of Marvel’s Multi-Clawed Mutant? Find out our predictions in this episode!

The next few weeks’ shows will continue to be dedicated to Slither Madness, our very own March madness tournament special, done CSP style! Visit http://challonge.com/slithermadness for more details.

Thanks for enjoying the Cold Slither Podcast! You’ll be joining us soon!
“You Grew Up On It!”

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