Check out Ring Time Pro Wrestling’s Podcast: Victory Road Recap + Jericho Ain’t Sh*t

Like the Rock 'n Sock Connection, it's always a fun time when the CSP teams up with RTPR!

A lot of podcasts and shows refer to their “friends of the show“, but I can’t say enough about the great relationship the Cold Slither Podcast has had with Ring Time Pro Wrestling.

Known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team in Wrestling Radio, The Holt Foundation, Keith Holt, Jr. and Keshia Holt are the quintessential brother & sister co-hosts, recapping any and all pro wrestling shows and providing their educated insight on several aspects of the sport. On their latest show, they recap TNA Impact, WWE Raw and make a special announcement you won’t want to miss! You can check out their latest episode below or visit them at to check out the show along with several articles and previous shows.

Ring Time Pro Wrestling’s Podcast: Victory Road Recap + Jericho Ain’t Sh*t″

From partnering up with us as our regular WrassleCast all-stars to multiple guest appearances on our show to continually mentioning us on their show and posting our episodes on their site to ultimately hosting the first two rounds of the Wrasslin’ region of our SLITHER MADNESS tournament on their site, we are grateful to Ring Time Pro Wrestling for all they’ve done with us. Give their show a listen, and be sure to subscribe via iTunes or add them to your favorites on the Stitcher smart radio app! And tell ’em the Cold Slither Podcast sent ya!

"We've been up and down this road together, brother!"

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