The SLITHER MADNESS Elite Eight. VOTE in the polls until Wednesday.

One more time for SLITHER MADNESS!

Our first ever SLITHER MADNESS tournament rolls on!! The Sweet 16 is over, and save one tie-break that came down to the wire, the matchups were decisive.

Your Sweet 16 results below (scores in %age of votes):

  • Batman smacks Wolverine 93-7
  • Superman bests Captain America 57-43
  • Hulk Hogan clobbers Sting 71-9
  • Macho Man defeats The Rock 64-36
  • Darth Vader humbles Luke Skywalker 64-36
  • Megatron edges out Optimus Prime 51-49
  • Link outlasts Mega Man 57-43
  • Ryu Hayabusa dispatches Ken Masters 57-43

See full bracket results here.

Now we present the fourth round of SLITHER MADNESS, also known as the SLITHER ELITE EIGHT!


The Comics regional final pits longtime friends and sometimes foes Batman and Superman against each other. Similarly, familiar opponents Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage compete in the Wrasslin’ regional final. The TV & Film region will be won by a villain as Darth Vader takes on Megatron in their final. And finally, it’s a duel of swords as Link faces Ryu Hayabusa in the Video Games regional final. Cast your votes below!!

ImageBam image upload  ImageBam image upload
1 Batman vs. 2 Superman

ImageBam image upload ImageBam image upload
4 Hulk Hogan vs. 14 Randy Savage

 ImageBam image upload ImageBam image upload
4 Darth Vader vs. 7 Megatron

ImageBam image upload ImageBam image upload
8 Link (The Legend of Zelda) vs. 15 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Just a reminder, each region’s polls are limited to just one vote per person. If you have a prediction bracket and are looking to see your selections win, best way is to tell one or more of your friends (or foes) to vote for your favorites. If on twitter, use the hashtag #SLITHERMADNESS.

We've seen the Mega Powers explode before. But now, Macho Man and Hulk Hogan meet up in the SLITHER MADNESS Elite Eight

Here’s your full bracket tracker, powered by CHALLONGE.COM!

For more details about the SLITHER MADNESS tournament, rules, prizes, bracket seedings and predictions, check out our previous SLITHER MADNESS post or check out our official Slither Madness bracket tracker on!

Can Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa defeat The Legend of Zelda's Link? It's a sword-on-sword battle!

Participating sites:

Cold Slither Podcast

The KLIQ Nation , Eclectik Relaxation ,Ring Time Pro Wrestling ,Classick Material on Tumblr

Will’s World of Wonder  , General Geekery Cast , D&J Toys


Special thanks to Eclectik, Tim Dogg, Keith Holt, Jr., Classick and their respective sites for hosting our tournament regions.

Also special thanks to Will’s’ World of Wonder, General Geekery Cast and D&J Toys for supplying the prizes for the bracket predictions contest.

And finally, thanks to YOU for participating! We hope you have a great time with us!

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