“Lin in the End” and other random Sunday thoughts

The Beavers won in the end, and even had a song to tell the tale...

If you’ve ever seen the 80’s movie Teen Wolf, you remember the last game when Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) shows up not as the wolf but as himself. Although everyone was pretty dejected, Scott somehow rallied his scrappy underdog team to victory. The gutsy comeback montage in the film is set to the song “Win in the End” by Mark Safan, one of the most memorable parts of Teen Wolf (other than the van surfing scene)

New York Knicks point guard sensation Jeremy Lin

Well, you haven’t seen nothin yet, folks! Inspired by the surge of my hometown New York Knicks and their point guard, Jeremy Lin, the same Mark Safan remakes his own classic 80’s song, changing the lyrics to describe Lin’s phenomenal ascent to NBA stardom. I present to you… Lin in the End….

*credit to Deadspin for the video find.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking… “Oh no, not this guy again!” Hey, all I can say is the guy backs up all the talk that everyone else makes for him. This song, like the original, is cheesy, corny, and highly retro… three things that I do not mind whatsoever. If my Knicks make it all the way to the NBA Finals and secure a championship based on the spark that this young Harvard grad provides, I will be the first one at that parade with a long jacket with the sleeves rolled up holding a boombox high above my head blasting this song. Yes, I will be John fucking Cusack in Say Anything!

John Cusack in "Say Anything" - image courtesy of Rediscoverthe80s.com - go visit them!

In other news…

We recorded a great podcast over the weekend,with another highly entertaining guest and lots of laughs and fun were had. The new show should be up by Tuesday morning. As for the topic, here’s a hint– he has a speech impediment, gets chased by ghosts, solves mysteries and loves monster-stacked sandwiches.

Whitney Houston’s funeral was yesterday. I did not watch one second of it for a multitude of reasons, but it’s DVR’ed for the wife. From what I hear, it was a sort of “Baptist funerals 101” as it aired on CNN– mainstream America got a look at how the “black churches” do funerals. Either way, rest in peace to Whitney and condolences and prayers to her family and close friends who have been grieving.

The rest of the weekend found me vegetating in the Classick Cave. Logged in a ton of XBox hours on Lego Star Wars and tried to play a few bouts of Street Fighter IV (“tried” meaning lots of button mashing and losing to online opponents). Also checked out a few wrestling DVDs on Netflix: The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA and The True Story of WrestleMania, Part 1. Both were great to watch– I’m amazed at how many wrestling DVDs are on this thing- on deck are the Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan documentaries.

I save up all that money for an XBox and this is what I end up playing? Still a kid, I guess...

Finally, caught up on The Mixed Marvel Arts podcast, who are friends of our show. I enjoyed their latest episode “The Spodcastular Spider-man” where they talk about the recent animated Spectacular Spider-man series as well as their regular Marvel reviews and opinions in the “Pull-box Soapbox” and other segments. Brian, Nate and Shaun are quite the comics-saavy trio– they take me back to the old days of comic shop debates. If you’re into comics at all, this is a show you will want to check out.

WWE WrestleFest is coming February, 2012! image by Just Push Start

UPDATE: THIS JUST IN!! THQ is releasing a remake of the classic WWF game WrestleFest. This remake of the 1991 original will mix new and old WWF characters and have multiple arenas and other DLC releases. WrestleFest will be available for iOS devices on February 21st. Credit to “Just Push Start” for this item.

Here’s full info on the game via WWE.com.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time, to borrow a phrase from Stan “The Man” Lee…

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  1. Shareef says:

    Man I’m so excited for the Wrestlefest remake!

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