Top 10 Pop culture Ninjas

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I thought about all the comics, video games, and Cartoons I watched growing up and decided to compite a list of the top 10 Ninjas (Actually I have 25 but I’m posting 10) … Im not counting real life/human actors only fictional pop culture icons … this list took a few factors under consideration:

… not as much a list of who would beat who … that would be a totally different list, anyway …

10 to 1 LETS GET IT

The Top 10 Pop Culture Ninjas

10. Raphael (TMNT)

Raphael, the most volent turtle (and my personal favorite) he gets the nod here over Leonardo because Leo is a wus
Dope Close range weapon means he has to get in gut cha close! lol

9. Elektra (Marvel)

Elektra Natchios goes underrated and overlooked as a Ninja though she really is … a Ninja Assassin at that!
(Never mind that movie … that I still watched twice and kinda like) … and her relations with Daredevil might have had something to do with her placement on the list, but you can fix my list in the comments lol
Yet another Sai rocker, she knows damn near every martial arts discipline and even has some telekinesis … what’s more dangerous than a Ninja WITH telepathy!?!

8. Hiryu (Strider)

The Flying Dragon! The first Video Game character … the first Ninja I remember playing in the arcade
The futuristic ninja rocked the “Cypher” … I dont even know what it was made out of lol
Alls I know is he killed his own sister in the game and went nutso … that’s enough to get him on the list

7. Splinter (TMNT)

Even though he doesn’t really lift a whisker in the cartoon, I couldnt put the other guys ahead of him if he TAUGHT them!
besides he won the Battle Nexus and taught the Foot!
Super Stealth Rat, with Super Smelling

6. Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Not much needs to be said about the Master of Cold, this is Sub Zero II not the one form the original game … but he still has the Spine Rip! It’s hard to beat someone that can literally freeze you in your tracks from the ground, in the air … or just by touching you… he SHOULD be number one but the meere fact that his ice can be “blocked” lol


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