Don Karnage and the Sky Pirates: The League


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post for The League. This past week’s topic, anything having to do with pirates! I am kinda so-so on pirates, as I’ve never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (!!) and am more of a ninjas and street gangs kinda guy. However, I can’t deny my affinity for the rowdy rogues from Disney’s Tale Spin…yes I’m speaking of Don Karnage and the Sky Pirates.

These singing and dancing sky pirates are more than treacherous. Also known as the “Air Pirates”, their “seven seas” aren’t on water but high up in the sky. Led by the extremely egotistical Ricky Ricardo-sounding wolf Don Karnage, the Sky Pirates set sail aboard the Iron Vulture in search of plundering and pillaging, most specifically of the peaceful seaside town Cape Suzette.

The Iron Vulture

And of course, you can’t deny this awesome musical number:

The roster is your standard villains row of ne’er do wells:

  • The Swedish-Dutch Great Dane Dumptruck
  • Bomb-crazy dingo Hacksaw
  • Scrawny whipping-boy Mad Dog
  • Silent, mumbling Gibber
  • Resident mechanic Ratchet
  • Overweight tan cat Hal
  • Short, Viking-helmeted Sadie
  • Black Scottish Terrier engineer Jock
  • Oh… and who could forget that poor bastard “Fire At” Will?

Briefly joined in their ranks by soon-to-be protagonist Kitt Cloudkicker, The Sky Pirates debuted in the Tale Spin movie as the baddest mofos to run the unfriendly skies,

Most entertaining of them all was Don Karnage, who I think deliberately screwed up standard sayings in his speech (“My door is always open sometimes!“) and provided more comedy than dread in every appearance. It became the highlight of Disney’s Tale Spin to have the Don make an appearance, because it was a guaranteed laugh.

Check out the voice of Don Karnage, the great Jim Cummings, showing off his awesome skills (jump to 1:20):

In closing, when you got your Happy Meal, how cool was this plane?


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  1. Nicely done, sir! Awesome stuff with the vid and the happy meal toy!

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