The Expendables 2 preview + random talk radio (Classick goes solo!)

Season 2 of our show was over. We had a great live finale special with several guests calling in and even more enjoying in the chat. We all were able to collectively breathe easy as the summer hiatus was under way. And then something happened…

On a slow and quiet Tuesday evening, I got the itch

After taking some time out of the country to enjoy white sand beaches and watch some fantastic Olympic moments on TV (¡en Español!), I returned to the states ready to jump on a podcast. Any podcast. Any show out there. Bueller? Problem was, many guest spots weren’t readily available and I had little to no reason to fire up the CSP again, not without lining up topics and guests like we normally do. So, I settled.

Until I checked our blogtalkradio account. We had one day left in the premium plan, which lets you book a live talk radio show at any time and for any duration. I picked an hour, set up the chat and BOOM!! Classick’s Random Talk Radio Show was born, if not for one night only.

Classick’s Random Talk Radio Show  (blogtalkradio)

Tune in as I talk about the excitement and anticipation for The Expendables 2, opening this Friday in theaters everywhere. This epic blockbuster will be the last major one for the summer movie season, one which saw quite a few hits (Avengers, TDKR, Amazing Spider-Man) and misses (did anyone see American Reunion? John Carter, anyone? Battleship? meh…).

Cordicon appears as a guest. Check him out on twitter @Cordicon

Joining me part of the way through is Cordicon, who hosts his very own site and podcast.
We talk about the best, and in some cases worst, of the filmographies of the cast of Expendables 2. I find out that the young guy in this film is Liam Hemsworth, younger brother to Chris (Chris played Thor in Avengers), and other topics are discussed in typical rambling random Classick style!

Enjoy, and leave a comment if you do!

The Boys are Back! And they brought backup!!

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