Part of a Pop Culture-Balanced Limited Edition Breakfast

Recently featured on Eclectik’s site was an impressive look into the vast catalog of Cap’n Crunch cereals. Thinking back to some of the special edition cereals we had growing up, we couldn’t help filling our own bowls with all the cereals we could find! These are either special- or limited-edition cereals or cereals that were tie-ins to popular movies, cartoons, video games, comic books and toys. How many have you had?

Enjoy the slideshow and gallery! Be sure to leave us comments if you have any…

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Honorable mentions to: Ice Cream Cones, Dinersaurs, Circus Fun, Bigg Mixx, Magic Puffs, Quisp, Quake, King Vitaman, Powdered Donutz and Rice Cream Flakes

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  1. NicJu says:

    I know now, more than ever that I actually grew up poor. I never had ANY of these joints.

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