CSP WrassleCast: TNA IMPACT 2/16/2012

Impact wrestler Bubba Ra.... er... I mean Bully Ray.

Greetings once again, WrassleCasters!!!

We’re back with an all-new WrassleCast, covering this week’s Impact Wrestling show. Lots to catch up on, including who’s the second inductee into the Cold Slither WrassleCast Hall of Fame?

Link to the show on Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/coldslitherpodcast/csp-wrasslecast-22-tna-impact-2-16-12/

Mirror on Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?bs3gudxdm4wzjg7

This episode’s WrassleCasters:
Brandon Murphy (@BrandonMMurphy)
Brent from Georgia (@BL_d2nd)
Eclectik (@eclectik)
Tim Dogg (@timdogg98)
Classick (your host – @classickmateria)

We hope you enjoy this exclusive episode, which you can only find here at coldslitherpodcast.com! Please send your thoughts and feedback via comments below or e-mail us at coldslitherpodcast@gmail.com. Also, if you want to join us as a guest on a future WrassleCast, just let us know, we’d love to chop it up with ya!

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