“Don’t be mad… USF is hiring!”

"You're mad cause my style you're admiring... Don't be mad, UnderScoopFIRE is hiring...!" - click the photo for the full application!

Ah, yes the insipirational power of @classickmateria (follow me on twitter)…

The above “job application” is one of the latest posts from our friends at UnderScoopFIRE.com. Apparently they took a tweet I made the other day and ran with it, which I think is awesome! The application is a true test for any self-professed “Child of the 80s” and is lots of fun to fill out! The crew here at Cold Slither will have lots of fun going through it and you should too!

Please send in all applications, responses and comments to our good friends at UnderScoopFIRE! Kudos, gentlemen! ((deliberately slow Mega-Powers handshake!))

Just so this post to our site isn’t a total loss for you Cold Slither fans, here’s a quick & funny comedy skit about that UPS line uttered by the Notorious B.I.G.

*Claimer: the above “employment application” is a parody only and should not be considered an application for employment at UnderScoopFIRE, The Cold Slither Podcast or any other associated establishment. This is all in good fun. However, if you wish to be a future contributor to the Cold Slither Podcast, e-mail us @ coldslitherpodcast@gmail.com.

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