The Push: Making New Stars


Welcome to The Push !

@ShaolinShogunMA & @Dadjr84 are joined by @DonDelarente on this episode of The Push where they discuss what’s missing when it comes to making new stars in the wrestling business


Shawn (@ShaolinShoGunMA)
Dwayne Dunham (@dadjr84)

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Meet The Push team:

Shawn aka Shaolin ShoGun

Shawn aka Shaolin ShoGun

From the Queeeeeeen City! Son, uncle, friend. Swag wouldn’t be swag without #TheU. Arya Strak stan. Music lover; 80s & 90s music 4ever! Marvel fanatic. The meanest, prettiest, baddest mofo low down around town!

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Dwayne Dunham

Been into sports since I was eight. I worked at ESPN for seven months, and have done sports writing on the side for four years. Currently I work as a reporter for Stats, LLC in the Nashville area. Love Kansas hoops, Miami (FL) football, Celtics, Panthers, and Mets.

Follow Dwayne on twitter @thelibraicon

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