[Classick Cinema] “Spider-Man: Parallel Lives” by Thwip Studios

Amazing_Spider-Man_Parallel_Lives_Vol_1_1_TextlessI just found this via legendary comic book writer @gerryconway’s twitter this morning, and it was the best waste of 15 minutes I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Thwip Studios went and created a motion comic adaptation of the 1989 Marvel graphic novel Parallel Lives by Gerry Conway & Alex Saviuk. This Amazing Spider-Man feature looks at Peter Parker’s and Mary Jane Watson’s separate-but-connected upbringings, complete with sound effects & music from various recognizable Spidey media, and some really talented voice-over work. As I’m a fan of all things Spidey, this is beyond awesome. Enjoy!

He’s Peter Parker: a shy, introverted teen whose life changed forever when a radioactive spider bit him. She’s Mary Jane Watson: product of a broken home, concealing her pain with an outgoing party-girl persona. She’s Spider-Man’s girlfriend, wife and confidante – but Mary Jane Watson won’t stand in ANYONE’S shadow! This red-headed knockout has plenty of her own stories to tell! Learn about MJ’s tragic upbringing, how they meet, fall in love and get married. This is their story. The classic 1989 graphic novel adapted to motion comic! Witness the origin of one of the world’s most famous couples: Peter Parker, and Mary Jane Watson.

Based on the work by Gerry Conway and Alex Saviuk

Featuring the Voice Talents of:

MICHAEL MALCONIAN as Spider-man/Peter Parker

ALICIA HARRIS as Mary Jane Watson, Gayle

MARTYN LUKE as Uncle Ben, Doctor Octopus


KEATON BOGLE (DMARIIN) J. Jonah Jameson, Scientist, Cop

KYLE KONIGSMARK as Priest, Scientist, Dr. Connors

Subscribe to Thwip Studios on YouTube here, as they have even more Spidey motion comics available!

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