The Winner of The Ultimate “24” All-Time Character Bracket Is…?

Powered by the awesome technology of CHALLONGE.COMThe Ultimate “24” All-Time Character Bracket pit characters from across all nine days of the series in a 64-seed single elimination tourney where your votes made the winners advance! We separate the bracket into four main regions: CTU, Villains, Politicians and Miscellaneous Threats.

Last week, we announced the final showdown between our last two characters standing:

Chloe O’Brian vs. President David Palmer

Who is the Ultimate "24" All-Time Character? (besides Jack, of course). VOTE NOW!!
Who is the Ultimate “24” All-Time Character? (besides Jack, of course). Your winner announced below…

and now, due to your votes, the winner is…

…by the narrowest of margins, The Ultimate “24” All-Time Character is officially

Chloe O’Brian

played by Mary-Lynn Rajskub


This former analyst, intelligence agent and acting special agent in charge of CTU was most recently a member of the internet hacktivist group Open Cell. Chloe has been Jack Bauer’s right hand gal and best friend from Days 3-9 of “24”

She’s mother to Prescott O’Brian and widow to Morris O’Brian. Throughout her run on “24”, she’s dated Spenser Wolff, Milo Pressman & Adrian Cross. She was also a loyal friend and colleague of the late Edgar Stiles, who she watched die at the hands of Sentox Nerve Gas. She has at one point butted heads with all of CTU’s inept analysts, agents and directors, most notably Janis Gold, who was supposed to be her match but it wasn’t even close…

Strengths: Highly intelligent, Loyalty to Jack, Technological genius, Direct and to the point
Weaknesses: Easily swayed by family, Loyalty to Jack, Blunt and direct demeanor considered unfriendly, Awkward communication skills

Defeated: Round 1- Janis Gold,  Round 2-Michelle Dessler, Round 3-Renee Walker, Round 4-Tony Almeida, Final Four-Nina Meyers, Championship Final-President David Palmer

As your prize for voting Chloe our top “24” character not named Jack Bauer, we give you the ultimate Chloe slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are the final poll numbers

And feel free to review the final bracket at!


Finally, let’s give it up to our Ultimate “24” Bracket runner-up President David Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert!

R.I.P. President Palmer - the best to ever do it...
I LOST??!! To some chick named Chloe? WTF you mean?

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