Classick Material appears on The Operation Cubicle Podcast to talk about Names

After two years away, Classick returns to join the fine folks at the award-winning Operation Cubicle podcast! In this episode, Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield welcome me back to talk Names, along with a gaggle of videogame, hip hop and pop culture references, so pop in them earbuds and enjoy!

Listen via the embed below, or click on the many links after the jump to access this fine show!

Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield welcome back Classick Material to talk about people messing up our names, funny nicknames, songs about names, and more! Classick hasn’t been here since June 2012 (we even bring back the old theme song for him), and he is back in full force as we spend almost two hours answering the questions below while talking about making work documents print friendly, meals of only bread, Sex In The Hood: Infinity Guantlet edition, the wackness of the Mad Hatter, Guardians of the Galaxy as a side piece movie, Zelda 2 vs Castlevania 2, and All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Corporate – have you ever been repeatedly called the wrong name at work? I.e. They confused you for someone else cause you’re Black – do you have a strategy to remember people’s names after meeting them for the first time (ie saying them more than once, writing them down, etc) – if you founded your own company, what would you name it? Geeky – any cool nicknames for family, friends from when you were growing up? – favorite song about names: i.e. Sean Paul “Who Am I?”, Method Man “Method Man”, Destiny Child “Say My Name”, etc – what book/game/movie character has the worst alias name (ie Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, etc)   Music: Kool Keith and Motion Man – Masters of Illusion – “Bay Bronx Bridge” and “Mangum Be I”

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Twitter: @OperationCube, @Isitis, @CubicleBreak

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Thanks again to the co-hosts and listeners of Operation Cubicle for having me on their show once again! It was a blast and I will forever remain a huge fan.


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