Classick Team-Up! #11: Engineernerd of TV and Film Toys

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Raiders of TV and Film Toys! Classick and Engineer and the Temple of Nostalgia! Boulders, rope bridges, melting Nazis and someone might get their heart ripped out! Plus On Screen Marvel vs. DC Heroes!

CTU EngineerNerd

This episode, Classick enjoys a great conversation with his longtime pal the Engineernerd. He runs the TV and Film Toys website and is also a co-host of the Action Figure Blues podcast. We talked about toys reviewed on his site as well as fantasy toys we’d each want to make, comic books, challonge brackets and some Raiders of the Lost Ark in the multiple-award-losing segment Classick Role-Play!

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On Screen Marvel vs. DC Heroes bracket – register your predictions today!


Along with the announcement of the Ultimate “24” Character bracket winner, this episode features the official announcement of the On Screen Marvel vs. DC Heroes bracket powered by CHALLONGE.COM. Choose your favorites from among 64 Marvel and DC heroes that have been featured on television and in movies until we get to an ultimate winner!

Register NOW at

Sponsor link: Avengers JLA Compendium,JLA Avengers Collector’s Edition (Volumes 1&2) @ Amazon


Also discussed this episode

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the UK’s most watched film:

The Big Bang Theory ruins Raider of  the Lost Ark:

Lego Indiana Jones 1 & 2

Tom Selleck in Runaway

Magnum was THIS CLOSE to being Indiana Jones!
Magnum, P.I. was THIS CLOSE to being Indiana Jones!

Sunsoft Batman for the NES appreciation

Comic book recommendations
Nature of the Beast

The Guns of Shadow Valley

plus Toys we’d like to see made, Guardians of the Galaxy film reaction, Movie expectations for Ninja Turtles and Expendables 3 and more!

About our guest

I’m and engineer and generally nerdy guy.

– ’nuff said, folks!

Follow our guest Engineernerd on twitter @Engineernerd

Visit for awesome reviews of various toys from popular television and film properties, and stick around the site for the “Name that” game, media reviews and hilarious Simpons and Muppets webcomics.

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