#unappreciation – Transformers The Movie and My Childhood

Coming on the heels of why The GI Joe animated movie totally disrespected my childhood I realized the other important 80s property in my life/childhood The Transformers was ALSO ruined and done in by the animated movie in the 80s … this movie was SO bad that The GI Joe Movie had to be released straight to VHS

Anyway, I figured I’d get my #unappreciation for this ipecac out of the way and do another post sooooo….

Transformers The Movie as seen by eclectik –>

The fact that Spike is on Cybertron off top is offensive … the introduction of the humans as characters was annoying from the jump

I never quite understood why the Transformers couldn’t return to Cybertron
… then at one point I thought Cybertron didn’t exist anymore

The ONLY good thing about the Transformers movie (The only Transformers movie) is ….

Read More at eclectikrelaxation.com –>

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