Classick joins the DoctorAbrACEive podcast to talk #BestWorstMovies

You know how a movie is so bad that it’s good?

Are you a fan of a movie that you know in your heart is really bad?

Well this podcast is for you! Join CSP host Classick as he appears on the DoctorAbrACEive podcast along with a panel of bad movie experts to discuss what’s become the #BestWorstMovies. We end up narrowing the field down to 64, and there’s evenĀ  a bracket tournament challenge to boot!
Karate Kidd III: so bad it’s good!
But is it good enough to win the #BestWorstMovies bracket?
The poll committee convened to sort the rankings of the Best Worst Movies. Doc is joined by Mr. Efficial, Syd the Kid, MJ, & Classick Material to proclaim their love for the bad movies of the world. By the end of the night, 64 films are now ready to face off for the title of the “Best of the Worst
Listeners can win the first four seasons of Martin by predicting the most accurate bracket:
Voice mail:
(601) 884-0371

Once again, visit for more info and to hear other episodes of this fine program!

Thanks for having me on, Doc!

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