Vote the Cold Slither Podcast Network ticket for the 2014 Black Weblog Awards!

A Celebration of Black Social Media

We here at the Cold Slither Podcast Network would like to congratulate all the nominees being considered for the 2014 Black Weblog Awards. We are, however, rooting for our family members specifically and urge you to vote for them through the semi-final round.

VOTE for the CSPN ticket:

Best Podcast – VOTE for The Good and Terrible Show


The most downloaded podcast in CSPN history, The Good and Terrible Show is hosted by rookie podcast sensations Ceej and Beauty Jackson, who have set many a listener’s twitter feed aflame with their hilarious (and sometimes shocking) views on a variety of subjects. Between promotion of the #MotorBoatDatButt craze and calling out douches-of-the-week, The G&T Show has profiled some great guests, including Emmy-nominated comedian Felonious Munk, health coach & fitness instructor Coach P, DeceptiComics Gordon Baker-Bone and Cerrome Russell, and most recently actress/filmmaker Reagan Gomez. They face some tough competition, but our CSPN listeners can and will vote The Good and Terrible Show on to victory!

Best Gaming or Comics Blog – VOTE for TheKLIQNation


Cold Slither Podcast co-founder TimDogg98 started TheKLIQNation blog and podcast along with his longtime friends years ago. The site covers a variety of interests, however much of them are related to comic books. With consistent comic book reviews, affiliation with the Pop Culture Network and Comic Book Chronicles, a weekly YouTube show and podcast, Tim has become affectionately known as “The Black Comic Book Guy” and TheKLIQNation has become the spot to visit for comic book news, reviews and opinions. Vote TheKLIQNation to advance!

Best Beauty Blog – VOTE for Bury Me In Red Lipstick

Shanta Fabulous is a mother from OKC who has been a friend of ours for years. She appeared as a guest on one of our final Cold Slither Podcast episodes as well as a recent Classick Team-Up! show. Over the past year, she added “beauty blogger” to her bio, creating Bury Me In Red Lipstick, where she profiles makeup, good skincare and beauty tips. With new blog posts every Wednesday and Friday, Shanta has become a reliable source of information on hooking up your beautiful. Vote Bury Me In Red Lipstick to the next round!

Hashtag of the Year – VOTE for #1GottaGo



Cold Slither Podcast co-founder @eclectik loves making you choose. For years, he’s been asking followers to pick #thisorthat, but over the last year, he started a new game on twitter using the hashtag #1GottaGo. Four (or five) similar things you can have, but one of them must go. What you choose may say a lot about you or nothing at all, but it makes for a fun game and a viral hashtag that’s been used all over twitter and made its way all over the internet and even on television. Vote #1GottaGo for hashtag of the year.

Well, that’s our official CSPN ticket. We hope you vote for all of our selections and spread the word about their contention for the 2014 Black Weblog Awards. You can cast your votes over at

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