The WrassleCast is Back! Welcome to the New WrassleCast Order!

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

~Pro Wrestling Color Commentary With Color~

The New Midnight Express…The New Rock ‘n Roll Express… The New Hart Foundation… The New Blackjacks…
In the tradition of making what was once old new again, the CSPN is proud to introduce you to the NEW WrassleCast!

Press Play below to get to know the new line-up of WrassleCast All-Stars and enjoy the new format for this show.

Listen to The WrassleCast: Episode 1 on the official WrassleCast site

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*Pro Wrestling Color Commentary… With Color*

Meet The New WrassleCast Order
Samuel Colunga (@imonahorse)
Militant Mexican. Hood Survivor. Writer for and . Once Saw Darth Vader at Whataburger.
Don Jeffries (@DonDelarente)
Easy Skanking Taking It Slow… Originator of the ..
Greg Williams (@MagnumPrime)
Black man, son, brother, film lover, fan, & child of God. Orgasm donor. The Lannisters send their regards. Family-friendly like a muthafucka!
C.M. Cold Slither (@classickmateria)
President, CEO, EIC, EP & EIEIO of The CSPN. Husband, student, podcaster, wrasslin fan, comic book stasher. Room temp ketchup, bitch!

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Thank you for listening to The WrassleCast, a Cold Slither Podcast Network production.

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