The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles joins the CSPN

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network…

The Cold Slither Podcast Network (CSPN) is proud to introduce to our listeners a brand new show joining our lineup… The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles.

Hosted by Cold Slither Podcast co-founder TimDogg98, the Comic Book Chronicles is a weekly group discussion of news, reviews and opinions in the world of comic books. Please join us in welcoming them to the CSPN!


What a week in comic book news it’s been! With one more week before San Diego Comic-Con the publishers are letting the news fly. Marvel announced new takes on Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, Valiant Comics announced The Valiant, and the October 2014 solicits were released.

We also give our KLIQ’s of the Week, so make sure to tune in and enjoy the show.

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Tim Dogg@timdogg98
Agent 70@Agent_70
Roddy Kat@RoddyKat

(oh, and some guy named Classick also dropped by this week…)

Also, check out even more opinion on this week’s comic book news by reading West Week Ever

What does William Bruce West have to say about this week’s big Marvel news? Visit and find out!


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  1. Kevin Hellions says:

    Well this is awesome news. Subscriptions updated!

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