Slither Sounds: “Nastlevania”, Audio Sprite and Sampled Beats

Welcome back to Slither Sounds!

For those new to this series, Slither Sounds is where I share some music I found from around the internets. In this edition, I’m going to recommend some videogame-hip hop mash-ups, chiptune remixes and wrasslin theme remixes…



Nastlevania cover artOn a previous edition of Slither Sounds, I recommended Chrono Jigga, a mashup album that combined Jay-Z’s raps with some music from the Squaresoft Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger. Talented producer 2 Mello did it again last summer with this follow-up album that marries raps from QB’s finest Nas with the soundtracks from various Castlevania games to form…you guessed it… Nastlevania. I regret not seeing this until recently (last summer found me… preoccupied), but it still bangs. If for nothing else, you WILL get hyped for “Life Is Bloody”, which pairs Nas & AZ with the all-too-familiar “Bloody Tears” theme from Simon’s Quest! Getcho vampire hunter-on with this one, and show 2 Mello some love (i.e. DONATE) if you enjoy it like I do.

Twitter: @MelloMakes

The Audio Sprite

A couple months back, I joined Soundcloud. No, not to check out any new or upcoming artists. Nope, not to check out some new podcasts either. I was actually on there to participate in SheSeauxSaditty‘s twitter accent challenge, which was fun, although I think I showed a little too much Brooklyn at one point. While there, I found a gang of the aforementioned artists and podcasts, but no one kept my attention quite like The Audio Sprite.

Audio Sprite’s avatarCovering and remixing everything from days gone by” is this Dorset, Britain-based guitarist’s motto, and boy does he ever! Nintendo remixes? Check! PlayStation 1 & 2 remixes? Check! SEGA???? Dude, this man remixed the Shenhua theme from Shenmue!! These remixers rarely touch Shenmue, so automatically I’m a fan of this guy. I’ve embedded a few tracks of Audio Sprite’s work below, but please click-through and enjoy his full catalog. Not sure if he takes donations or requests, but tweet or message him and he’ll definitely correspond.

Twitter: @TheAudioSprite

Sampled Beats by Torey Ball

This one’s a bit odd, because I’m going to admit to outright theft here, but hear me out! When we were doing our WrassleCast shows, basically MST3K-ing TV wrestling as it happened, I wanted to find some intro, outro and background music to include during each episode. I had surfed around looking for obscure remixes of wrestling themes to use on the show and came across this guy’s YouTube channel, which was a goldmine! I immediately ganked the Zack Ryder “Oh Radio!” remix for the next WrassleCast and for the next few editions, Torey’s creations became a mainstay on the show. I’ve since corresponded with him via his YT page, but it appears he no longer does these remixes. In any case, the below tracks and more are still there, so hit him up. Oh yeah, peep that Rescue Rangers remix too…



Like what you hear? Have any recommendations for future “Slither Sounds” posts? Hit us up in the comments, or e-mail us at!!

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