Anutha Twenny Fo Finale: I Am Jack’s Fuuuurious Anger

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Hello? This is the last episode? How'd you get this number?!! Answer me, damnit!!
Hello? This is the last episode? How’d you get this number?!! Answer me, damnit!!

This is it, folks! The final hour(s) of 24: Live Another Day AND the series finale of “Anutha Twenny Fo“. To help us land this plane safely, Classick and Beauty Jackson are joined by returning guest Shareef Jackson, science blogger and host of the Operation Cubicle podcast. Together, all three review the last episode of 24:LAD, which sees time jump ahead a full 12 hours to close out Day 9.

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After taking down Russian Mel Sharples, Punchable Chief-of-Staff Face, Jack and Kate are hot on the heels of Two Cheeeeeennggs, whose gang of goons recently lost Chloe (#ChloeRoll) and are on their way to flee the country. President Let-Them-Play is trying to avert World War 3 with China, but his daughter Audrey is now caught in the crosshairs of one of Cheng’s snipers. And this show can never pronounce the word “nuclear” correctly.

Jack finally catches up to Two Cheeeeeengs!
Jack finally catches up to Two Cheeeeeengs!

There’s non-stop action, drama and DAMN IT! moments in this farewell episode and we give you the final run-down here on #AnuthaTwennyFo!

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Other stuff discussed

How long did the #ChloeRoll last?

Freezy Freakies!!!

Why would the POTUS visit a recently compromised CTU ver.9.0?


Tender moments with Jack & Chloe

Rookie sniper mistakes?

Jack Bauer vs. The United Nations of Goons

Jack, Belcheck and Chloe play the coolest co-op videogame ever

Kate’s graduation from Jack Bauer Academy… redacted by The Chinese Straggler.

The silent countdown

Kim Raver as Audrey Heller in '24: Live Another Day'
R.I.P. Audrey

“New-Q-Lerr” & where were the DEFCON sirens?

The longest Jack Bauer personal break in “24” history.

I Am Jack’s Fuuuurious Anger

Conveniently placed meat cleavers and TV/film kitchen etiquette

Cheng’s skills and bad guy cism

Why were Leonardo’s katana blades on that ship?

They're the world's most fearsome fighting teens!
They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting teens!

President Heller’s reaction

Who cut Chloe?

New disaster porn flick

Gremlins 2 revisited

Paddington Bear‘s influence on ’90s hip hop fashion

Be Like Paddington

Cops quit their jobs different than the rest of us

Punchable’s final fate

The ‘heimers wins…

The final exchange. Jack & Chloe, BFFs.

JacknChloe JacknChloe2

Jack’s final fate, The future for “24”?


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