Anutha Twenny Fo #06: Where’s Waldo? Champion (w/CT from NerdLunch)

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Only Jack Bauer can OutRun dem drones!
Only Jack Bauer can OutRun dem drones!

This week’s episode, some lunch is served as CT from the Nerd Lunch podcast and site joins Classick to break down the latest in the adventures of Jack, Chloe and Kate. OutRun, betrayals, Kill Simone: Vol. II, pub WiFi, terrible UK hospital security, before-they-were-famous TV ads and The Yorkshire Son’s Where’s Waldo tracking skills are all discussed.

Hey kids, can you spot Jack Bauer in this crowd? The Yorkshire Son sure can!
Hey kids, can you spot Jack Bauer in this crowd? The Yorkshire Son sure can!

Anutha Twenny Fo recaps and reviews episodes of 24: Live Another Day. For the 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. episode of Day 9, Jack and Kate finally catch up with Simone, who was HIT BY A BUS (#DoubleDeckered) last episode. Meanwhile, Mystery Man X is shown in a disappointing reveal and goateed techie Jordan gets sent to Sophie. President Let Them Play overcomes his heimers to engage in an international shouting match and suit up for a webcam show. Most importantly, Jack outdrives a drone!

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This week’s guest Carlin Trammel, a.k.a. “CT,” is the co-host of the Nerd Lunch podcast and blog. They cover all things nerd, including action figures, pop culture, comics, fast food, and other geek stuff. You can subscribe to the Nerd Lunch podcast on iTunes, stitcher and anywhere fine podcasts are found. Also visit their site at to listen directly and read their blogs. Follow CT and Nerd Lunch on twitter @nerdlunch.

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