Anutha Twenny Fo #05: Torture, Muthafu%$a! (w/Brandon Murphy & Beauty Jackson)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

In this episode, Kate gets initiated as Jack Bauer's apprentice by entering the Hall of Pain. (image credit: ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.)
In this episode, Kate gets initiated as Jack Bauer’s apprentice by entering the Hall of Pain. (image credit: ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

This week, Classick is joined not one but two guests… returning champion from last week’s show, Ms. Beauty Jackson and longtime friend of the Cold Slither Podcast Brandon Murphy! Classick, Brandon and Mel team up to break down the latest episode and then some. Critiques of Big E, House of Cards walking tours, Aunt Beru’s Body Butter, British manners and cuisine and much more are also discussed.

Longtime moisture farmer Aunt Beru uses all natural Tatooinean ingredients to make her much-heralded body butter.

Anutha Twenny Fo recaps and reviews episodes of 24: Live Another Day. For the 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. episode of Day 9, the President and the Prime Minister are reeling from the drone strike from the last hour and Jack Bauer initiates wanna-be protégé Kate Morgan into the Hall of Pain in order to get a lead on The Yorkshire Widow. Meanwhile, who is the new mystery man in the shadows? Why is the server room always the least secure place in every season of this show? Listen for the answers!!

Download Anutha Twenny Fo Episode 05: Torture, Muthafu%$a! from the CSPN Archive

Brandon Murphy is an avid pro wrestling fan with a deep knowledge of comic books and other nerd stuff. He is a longtime member of the Cold Slither Podcast crew, appearing on at least six episodes, including the two-part “Uncanny Podcast” profiling the X-Men and our Transformers-themed episode “Occupy Cybertron.” Brandon is also one of our WrassleCast All-Stars, who is responsible for the first (and most dubious) celebrity inductee into our WrassleCast Hall of Fame. He can be reached via twitter @brandonmmurphy.

Beauty Jackson is the witty, creative and extremely funny mother of two awesome children. She has made appearances on “MadMenPod” as well as an epic two-parter on “Classick Team-Up” and on last week’s ATF show! Follow her on twitter @beauty_jackson. Keep up with her writings and other developments (like a podcast!) on her site


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