A special announcement from The Cold Slither Podcast (Save the Date: June 17th)


The Beginning of the End….

Please listen to this special announcement regarding the Cold Slither Podcast and join us on Tuesday, June 17th at 7:00 PM EST  for our most important episode ever!

This show is also available on iTunes and stitcher radio! Subscribe to the “Cold Slither Podcast” today & tell a friend!

Join Classick, Eclectik and Tim Dogg as the Cold Slither Podcast crew re-assemble after almost a year away…. just to say farewell. This is the LAST episode of the CSP ever to be recorded, and we’re shining the Bat-signal in the sky to all our friends for this one.
Come join us LIVE as we reminisce on the 25th anniversary of the release of 1989’s groundbreaking “Batman” movie and talk about its impact on pop culture. Share your favorite Cold Slither Podcast moments and say some last words to the crew, as we thank all of our listeners for enjoying the ride.This LIVE show will be recorded for release on our Cold Slither Podcast feed.
If you cannot attend, feel free to call our hotline at (331) 6-VIPERS, that’s (331) 684-7377, leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it on the final podcast!Thank you for listening to us.
Shine the Bat-Signal, for this is the beginning of the end. Join us on June 17th to celebrate 25 years of “Batman” and to say farewell.

Thank you to all the listeners, fans, guests and friends who have supported our show.

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