Slither Madness: Battle of the Bands predictions are now open! The field of 63 + the play-in match. YOU VOTE in #64!!

In the tradition of various sites and blogs who at this time of year have their own twist on March Madness (by the way, check out UnderScoopFIRE’s Mech Madness! too) and to continue what we started in 2012 with the original Slither Madness

Slither Madness 2013: Battle of the Bands

Who will advance to the semi-finals, Jesse and the Rippers from Full House or Sexual Chocolate from Coming to America? Can The Cantina Band from Star Wars stave off elimination at the hands of Infant Sorrow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Get Him to the Greek?




View and register your Battle of the Bands bracket prediction here:


Prizes up for grabs for the three most accurate brackets predicted will be announced shortly.

The field of 64 is ready… well… almost. Here’s where we need your help…

The Play-In Match (you choose the 64th seed!)

All of the bands included in this challenge are fictional in origin from TV & movies. Similar to 2012’s Slither Madness tournament, seeding is determined using a scientific space-age formula that included checking google hits (shout-out to That was good enough for seeds 1-63…

The 64th and final seed for our bracket is now up to YOU to vote in! Who gets the final spot? YOU DECIDE!

Of the bands vying for #64 are the following 11:

What’s at stake for the 64th seed? Well, it’ll be a first-round matchup against our top-ranked seed in the tournament!

Not familiar with some of the bands in the hopeful 11? Read on for more on each one after the jump!

Zit Remedy/The Zits (Degrassi)

Love Burger (Can’t Hardly Wait)

Mother of the Bride (Wedding Band)

Buckaroo Banzai and The Hong Kong Cavaliers (Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai)

Getting Gay With Kids (South Park)

N.W.H. (Fear of a Black Hat)

The Foreskins (How I Met Your Mother)

Dr. Fünke’s 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution (Arrested Development)

Flash and the Ebony Sparks (The Five Heartbeats)

Blackapella (Psych)

The Lipsticks (Cosby Show)

Now, it’s up to you. Vote in the poll above for who you think should make it in as the 64th seed. Also, let us know what you think in the comments below!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Man. Stiff competition this year. This ought to be good.

  2. Hold up…Stop the Presses! Where’s the Riverbottom Nightmare band( I know, i’m too late…just had to get that in there.

    1. LOL you dug wayyyyy back in the crates for that one! Sorry we couldn’t add it in time.

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