Riverbottom Nightmare Band-Camp

Have you ever dreamed about being a ROCK STAR??

Have you ever dreamed about being a MUPPET??

…If so, then your time has finally come…

The RiverBottom Nightmare Band-Camp!

12 - Emmet Otter-thumb-500x375-35977

Our program is designed for people of all Muppet Rockstar levels. Whether you’re already a Muppet who wants to learn to jam…a rockstar who wants to be more of a plush inanimate object or a human being that wants to be a plush king (or queen) of ROCK!!!!


As a “camper” at our Band Camp you’ll have the chance to work with one of four superstar counselors and get the tips and tricks you need to rock quaint little riverside towns, with furry fury!!
Meet these rock legends!
  -Keyboardist Chuck Stoet!


-Vocalist Pop Eyed Catfish

-Guitarist Stanley Weasel

Stanley Weasel
    -Drummer Fred Lizard

-and Bassist Howard Snake

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The camp will focus on one of three major KICK BUTT areas of face melting heavy metal masters courses!!

Muppet Mayhem!!
Cruise the not so-mean streets of Frogtown Hollow. Intimidate adorable and innocent puppet characters… Cruise in the loudest vehicles you can find with no regard for traffic laws. Trash any shop unlucky enough to cross your rocking path and steal the scarves of fictional American icons!*


*Theft of icon’s scarves subject to seasonal weather conditions.

Crash a small-town Talent Show!!
Learn the timing to be a last minute addition to the show (thereby guaranteeing victory) Pick the best competition available among all folk, vaudevillian and jug band based talent shows.
Finally, Dazzle the judges with Amplifiers! Multi Colored Lights! And…Smoke Machines-chines-chines-chines!!!!


Stone Cold ROCKING the stage!…as a Muppet
Perform vocals from a fishbowl! Shred a guitar with un-articulated fingers! Play the Bass the way that only a snake with no arms or legs can!! (How the hell DOES a snake play the bass?…)
Learn what it takes to blast some sweet jams while having everything you say and do controlled by another person!…king of like human rock stars are controlled by record executives, but less creepy!!


If you’ve got the time, the will to ROCK and five easy payments of $149.99 Then make your way to the RiverBottom Nightmare Band-Camp.

It’s time for some felt-covered, googlie eyed Rock and Roll!!


Claymation Werewolf has an evil plan to bring about a Nostalgia Revolution for a time when cartoons were actually good. You can find more of his posts about toys, cartoons, puppets and horror on his blog at http://claymationwerewolf.blogspot.com.

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