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This week’s assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a one-word deal… “Oscars”. Of course, one would assume this means we should write something about The Academy Awards, but it’s wide open to interpretation, so allow me to comment with my own version…

Biggest fall from grace Oscar

Oscar Pistorius – innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the evidence is mounting and it doesn’t look good for the bionic Olympian from South Africa.

Best dressed Oscar

Oscar de la Renta – as if there was ever any doubt!

Oscar De La Renta

Best Lighting Oscar

Oscar De La Hoya, also known as “The Golden Boy”, was a fine boxer in his heyday. Now retired, Oscar spent years lighting up opponents in the ring and wisely used his fame and good looks to elevate his way to celebrity status, appearing in TV, movies and multiple endorsements. Of course, we won’t get into his cross-dressing past… some thing are best kept out of the spotlight.

Lifetime achievement Oscar

“The Big O” himself, Oscar Robertson. The greatest player in Bucks franchise history, ahead of Kareem and Sidney Moncrief.


Best character Oscar

Oscar Madison – not only could he pull off a Mets cap, he was the man’s man. Sportswriter, slob, the antithesis to Felix Unger’s fancy boy schtick… Oscar was what made The Odd Couple work so well. Played on film by the late, great Walter Matthau or on television by the late, great Jack Klugman, there’s no one like Oscar! A city full of maids will agree, no doubt!

Best Oscar Oscar

The greatest Oscar of all-time, no one captured the spirit of the name like Oscar the Grouch. Originally hailing from Trash Town, USA, he changed from orange to green after his first season on “Sesame Street”. He lives in a trash can. He is mean to EVERYBODY. His favorite thing in life is trash. Truly, one man’s trash is Oscar’s treasure. But he even has a soft side, taking care of his pet worm Slimey and his pet elephant Fluffy. Oscar has also found a way to defy the laws of physics, having a trash can that is exponentially larger in capacity than it would appear. It’s been reported that he has a farm, swimming pool, ice-rink, bowling alley, spiral staircase and a piano all in that one trash can! Baller status, son!

Here’s to you, Oscar!!

This week’s post was an assignment for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers , an elite cadre of highly trained… look, we are bloggers who write awesome stuff weekly!


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