Happy 81st to Leonard Nimoy!

Happy 81st, Spock!

Growing up, I wasn’t aware of a divide between fans of Star Trek and Star Wars. To this day I consider myself more of a fanboy than a Trekkie, but I have a deep respect for certain aspects of Trek culture, one of which includes the incomparable Leonard Nimoy. Known on Star Trek as Mister Spock, Nimoy turns 81 years of age today.

The 60’s Star Trek television series and many Star Trek films aside (people love “The Wrath of Khan”, but the first one I saw in theaters was “The Search for Spock”), Leonard Nimoy is also an accomplished actor, author, singer, poet, director, photographer, and voice-actor. Here are two of my favorite Nimoy moments…

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (1967)

Before Lord of the Rings was a smash hit in theaters, most of us kids read “The Hobbit” in grade school. It wasn’t before long that this 1960’s ditty made it’s way to my consciousness one fateful day at a comic book shop in the 90’s. Enjoy the awesome!


The voice of Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie (1986)

One of my all-time favorite animated features, this film was highlighted with the death of Autobots leader Optimus Prime at the hands of Decepticon leader and regular series villain Megatron. Unfortunately Megatron’s injuries in battle are too great to justify his leadership, so disloyal second-in-command Starscream dumps him and several other injured Decepticons in space. After an encounter and makeover courtesy of the evil planet Unicron, Megatron (voiced  by Frank Welker) becomes Galvatron, voiced in the film by Leonard Nimoy. Galvatron proceeds to give Starscream a very painful receipt at his “coronation” in one of my favorite scenes from the movie…

Leonard Nimoy being in Transformers: The Movie, along with Orson Welles and Judd Nelson, made the movie seem legit to not only us kids but adults that had to drag us to the theaters to watch this 2-hour toy ad for Hasbro. All hail Galvatron!

In closing, congratulations Mr. Nimoy! Follow him on twitter (@TheRealNimoy), check out his photography and catch his guest appearance on this Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory.

Live long and prosper, indeed!

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  1. Galvatron is still cooler than Megatron. And Nimoy’s voice made it better.

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