eclectik Boogaloo

Inspired by Dr.Tank (Chris Tanski) of Underscoop Fire and his Ozone, Special K, Turbo: An “Ode to Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo” (Done to “Oh the places you’ll go”)
Feel free to enjoy my take

Eclectik Boogaloo

Next mission underway
Off to save Miracles
Down to your last day

You have the curl on your head
Checkerboards on your shoes
You can spin on your back
Any direction you choose

You’re not on your own, The streets already know
The fresh street moves of T, K and O

You’ll “Believe in the beat” with bandana on hair
Groovin to Ollie and Jerry the Electro Rock would never dare
With your shirt cut in half, and fat laces on feet
You won’t let a bulldozer cause your defeat

And you might take a tumble
Down the stairs from a chase
But practice your robot
To tick and Toc just in case

Mr and Mrs Bennett are there
Before they didn’t care

Out there the crowd’s clappin
For the Body Rock crew
On cardboard, crazy spins
Hands,backs, heads too

And when Ice T starts to Rappin
Wildest dreams can come true
Another can of paint for the bank
Electric Boogaloo

OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Funny you mention “Ice T starts to Rappin”, since he was in both 80s films “Breakin'” and “Rappin'”

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