Mega Man Says If You Want Some, Come Get Some

Witness the Mega Man to End All Mega Men

Mega Man’s tired of taking a backseat to the Marios and Sonic the Hedgehogs of the video game world.  It’s his time to make a new name for himself in the battle for fighting game supremacy.  Also looking to join the squared circle are Pac-Man and Cole (Infamous) in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Special thanks to friend of the Cold Slither Podcast, @Roddykat for bringing this to our attention.

And just so you think this isn’t some kind of cooked up Capcom reimagining of Mega Man, look no further than the original NES cartridge box for Big Blue…

Mega Man for the 8-bit NES console

There’s now a “Fat MegaMan” on twitter! Follow the exploits of Big Blue with this new apparently un-official account!

Mega Man


Bringing the original Mega Man back into the spotlight. THIS IS MY DESTINY!

Crappy American NES Box Art

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