Episode 16: Burger Time/The Fast Food Show (CSP-S2Ep4)


This week, it’s all about the food you get on the go as the CSP crew talk about some of their favorites in fast food. From pizzas to burgers to fries, nuggets and shakes, the best and the worst are all brought up, plus a few of your letters and iTunes reviews are read out of the Cold Slither mailbag.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!


featured videos

Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” ad

The big-headed Burger King takes it to the house

McDonald’s Menu Song

McDonald’s Menu Song contest record (1989)

pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander singing for McDonald’s McDLT

Eddie Murphy on McDonald’s (from Eddie Murphy: Raw)

“Fast Food Mafia” by Silent Sketcher

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

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Tune in to next week’s show, where we’ll talk about pro-wrestling’s baddest ever faction, the NWO! Guests Brent from Georgia and Nerd Ferguson scheduled to appear.

Thanks for enjoying the Cold Slither Podcast! You’ll be joining us soon!
“You Grew Up On It!”

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Engineernerd says:

    Where was the Fazzolis and Taco Bell discussion?

    You guys made hungry all the way home. Almost had to stop at Wendy’s to get something of the value menu.

    Lovin the show!

  2. Wendy’s should pay us for the free advertising! Yeah we skipped over Taco Bell completely– that’s my bad. I wanted to rave about their fresca menu.

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