CSPN 2014 Year-In-Review Special, Pt. 3: From Anutha Twenny Fo to Crown and Collards (*& Beyond)

Editor’s Note: Now re-cut with clips from some of our best moments of 2014!

Presented by the Cold Slither Podcast Network

This week, we finish looking back at the year that was in 2014.

Merry New Year!
Merry New Year!

In Part 3, Classick and Beauty Jackson start with a dissection of the internet dis track “Meet Me In Temecula“, then review the year that was for US, from Anutha Twenny Fo to the current CSPN line-up. What a year it’s been!

This is Part Three of an EPIC three-part show to close out 2014 as a gift to you, our loyal listeners. In case you missed the previus parts, check them out here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

Please enjoy, and if you do, feel free to tell a friend, send us a review or visit our sponsors. Merry New Year!


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About the hosts

Beauty Jackson is a self-described extraordinary machine, MelliGras queen, rebel and co-creator of The Good and Terrible Show.
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Classick Material is the self-proclaimed President, CEO, EIC, EP & EIEIO of The Cold Slither Podcast Network. He is also a husband of one and an owner of several hundred issues of comic books that your favorite TV shows and/or movies are based on. He is a co-founder of the original Cold Slither Podcast and firmly believes ketchup does not belong in the fridge, you savages.
Check out Classick Team-Up! episodes right here on the CSPN!
Follow him on twitter @classickmateria

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