CS Swampfire Series 1: Outtakes and deleted scenes from the Fast Food show (more podcast!)

In this first ever edition of the Cold Slither Swampfire series, the guys get into some discussion about fast food franchise mascots and commercials they recall. Also, some of our listener’s feedback and comments are read from the Cold Slither Podcast facebook page and the Cold Slither Podcast site.

Find more of these outtakes and deleted scenes here at coldslitherpodcast.com!

Listen to CS Swampfire Series 1 on Buzzsprout

Download CS Swampfire Episode 1

Occupy Flame Broiled!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. A McDonald’s character you missed was Mac Tonight, the moon that was always playing the piano. And I don’t think you mentioned the McNuggets buddies.

    Also, don’t think many commercials were made but always liked the Icee polar bear. We had an Icee shop in our Kmart in the 80s. Not sure if he has a name, but he was always plastered all over the Icee cups and machines.

  2. Thanks! The Polar Bear had no name, they just referred to him as ICEE Bear.

  3. Will says:

    Yo, Wendy up there is makin’ me feel some kinda way…

    1. LOL you ain’t the only one, Will!

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