Vanity vs. Apollonia – “Sex Shooter” Funk Showdown


In this throwback post for today (ed. note: Episode 53 will drop around 1PM EDT!), this video is a remix blending both Vanity 6’s and Apollonia 6’s versions of the funk song “Sex Shooter“. You might remember that Sex Shooter was performed by Apollonia 6 in the Prince movie Purple Rain (as featured way back in CSP Episode 20: The Purple Glove w/Feminista Jones). You might also remember that before Apollonia was under Prince’s …ahem… tutelage… the same song was originally recorded by Vanity, who left The Artist’s fold just prior to Purple Rain. So the on-screen version and actual single we got was by Apollonia 6…

But which version is better? Why not play this bad boy, enjoy the scintillating visuals and decide for yourself? Comments are open below!

+ here are the two songs, separately…

Vanity 6 – “Sex Shooter”

Apollonia 6 – “Sex Shooter”

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