NES throwback tribute: Abobo’s Big Adventure (playable online game)

Old school NES gamers rejoice!

Abobo's Big Adventure - a must-play game for any NES enthusiast!

If you’ve ever played Double Dragon on the NES, you no doubt are familiar with Abobo, the bald-headed muscle-bound menace of that game. Over the years, for some odd reason, the character Abobo has developed quite a cult following online, so much so that this month Rage Releases made him the hero of a new online playable game, Abobo’s Big Adventure. In this “Ultimate Tribute To the NES”, you playAbobo as he tries to rescue his son Aboboy from the clutches of a who’s who of various NES characters. There are 8 mixed up worlds Abobo has to beat in this game, each of which are derived from classic NES titles like Double Dragon, Mega Man Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda!

This game was sent to me by a friend on facebook and ever since I got this link I am hooked!

Check out the official trailer and play the game at the links below!

Official Trailer >>>

Play Abobo’s Big Adventure >>>

Credit to Rage Releases and for his awesome find!
*Note: if you like the game, please consider the donation link on their site, as the developers really put in some great work on it.

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  1. Oh man, this looks awesome…will be sharing!!!

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