Destroy the Foundation: more Episode 8 liner notes – sports fights

Ayo Kobe, you know that two-piece comes with fries and a drink right?

We’re back with some more liner notes from our last podcast episode for your referencing pleasure! In Episode 8 “Cold Slither: Alpha” we talked about fighting games at length and then went into some fights and battles across other venues.

You ever hear that joke “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out?” Indeed, the sport of ice hockey has its share of physicality, but even they have toned down the violence to a degree. Nowadays, it’s a rarity to see a real throwdown knockdown drag out fight during a sporting event (thankfully), and if you do witness one, it’s normally a bunch of pushing and shoving and crowds forming to break everything up. Here are some infamous sports fights that were mentioned on the last show:

Deion Sanders vs. Andre Rison (1994)
Former teammates clash as Neon Deion returns to Atlanta to face the Falcons as a newly signed member of the San Francisco 49ers. He ends up going toe-to-toe with Falcons WR Andre “Bad Moon” Rison. A lot of pushing and shoving between the two throughout the day boiled over into the scuffle you see below. According to twitter user @MrStayLit: “idiots were were str8 swingin on each other wit they helmets STILL ON!!”

original footage >>>

Nolan Ryan CRUSHING Robin Ventura (1993)
At age 46, all-time great Nolan Ryan was still dealing from the mound for the Texas Rangers. During a game against the Chicago White Sox, Ryan plunks Robin Ventura in the shoulder with a high inside fastball. Ventura had no choice but to rush the mound, but little did he expect he’d be the victim of Nolan Ryan’s old man strength, as he was subject to a headlock and a barrage of noogies and punches to the head during this base-brawl! Shout-out to friends of the show @UnderScoopFIRE for this submission!

And wouldn’t ya know it? Ryan is now the principal owner of the Rangers, and Ventura? Well he’s the current skipper of the White Sox! How do ya like that?

Rick Fox vs. Doug & Jackie Christie (2002)
Shout-out to @youngHebrew on twitter for submitting this fight, and although I thought he was kidding about current Basketball Wife star Jackie Christie, it turns out she was also involved! The L.A. Lakers’ Rick Fox and the Sacramento Kings’ Doug Christie got into it both on and off the court during a preseason game.
There’s a brief recap of the the on-court punches thrown and the tunnel scuffle with a purse-wielding Jackie at the 45 second mark.

Lakers – Kings was one of the most heated rivalries during the aughts and this fight was truly memorable. That’s right, I wrote aughts!

Rick DiPietro vs. Brent Johnson – Goalie vs. Goalie (2011)
A more recent sports fight takes place in the land of puck, as two goalies go at it. Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders gets a hit from a Pittsburgh Penguins player, resulting in some scuffling among both teams as per usual in a hockey match. But then DiPietro skates out towards center ice to square off with Penguins goalie Brent Johnson. Big mistake as Johnson connects with one punch and leaves DiPietro with a fractured cheek and some injured pride. Tip of the cap to @SharePointJoe for this selection!

The “Run In” between Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick (1991)
I’m gonna let one of our twitter followers sum this up for you.
@bomberman61 “Larry Holmes-Trevor Berbick. punctuated by Holmes running across a car & delivering a dropkick off of it.”

The Malice in the Palace (2004)
Again, another fight that needs no introduction. As our co-host Tim Dogg so eloquently put it “Metta World Peace vs Palace of Auburn Hills”.

Dr. J vs. Larry Bird (1984)
Co-host Eclectik remembered this brouhaha between two basketball hall-of-famers Julius Erving and Larry Bird. This battle was highlighted by the assistance that Doc’s fellow Sixers teammates provided, holding Bird while Dr. J landed a few punches to the kisser of Basketball Jesus. I guess you gotta give the assist to Charles Barkley and Moses Malone.

“The Punch” Kermit Washington breaks Rudy T.’s jaw (1977)
Many of us were either toddlers, babies or not even born or thought of at the time. But this goes down as one of the most devastating events in sports history. See the excerpt below from “Searching for Redemption: The Kermit Washington Story”, which by the way is a great look into the life and career of Washington, who was never the same after this incident.

Various Knicks battles
Anyone who knows me knows I love my New York Knickerbockers. They’ve seen the ugly side of more than their fair share of on-court encounters. Here are a few from memory:
Knicks – Bulls, Game 3 of the ’94 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals: Derek Harper brawls with Jo Jo English. Why we lost a player to suspension for fighting a scrub on the Bulls is beyond me…

Knicks – Heat, Game 5 of the ’97 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals: Charlie Ward gets flipped by PJ Brown. Benches clear and multiple players get suspended. These two teams do not like each other!

Knicks – Heat 1998 playoffs, Round 1, Game 4
: Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning slap-box, followed by coach Jeff Van Gundy clinging to the leg of Mourning to break it up. That’s our coach, man!

Knicks – Lakers , April 2000: Kobe gets the two-piece combo from Chris Childs…. speaks for itself.

Knicks – Spurs, January 2001: Marcus Camby tries to go after Danny Ferry, only to connect with a shoulder to the head of his own coach Jeff Van Gundy who again tried to play peacemaker. JVG needed 12 stitches over his left eye. Again, that’s our coach, maaaaan!

Knicks – Suns, March 1993: Doc Rivers and Kevin Johnson trade fisticuffs in this most memorable of Knicks brawls. I mentioned this during Episode 8, as, of course, benches cleared. Highlights from this included then Knicks coach Pat Riley getting his suit torn and KJ catching a haymaker from backup PG Greg Anthony, who wasn’t even playing in the game and was in street clothes!!! KJ got sucker-punched by a second-stringer rockin a Gordon Gartrelle dress shirt, slacks and a polished pair of Stacey Adams.

more still to come…

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