CSP WrassleCast: 11/29 Tuesday SmackDown! holiday special

On Tuesday's SmackDown!, Daniel Bryan challenges Mark Henry for the World title in a steel cage. Mick Foley serves as host, and the WrassleCast crew is all over it!

Greetings once again, WrassleCasters!!!

The not-so-fortunate numba 13 entry in the WrassleCast series finds us covering a Tuesday Night special holiday edition of SmackDown! on Syfy. Hosted by hardcore legend Mick Foley, this show features a main event of Money In The Bank briefcase winner Daniel Bryan challenging The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry in a steel cage for the world heavyweight strap! Will Daniel Bryan pull of the startling upset victory, or will he rejoin the Hall of Pain?

As usual, we live-Skype through the entire two-hour telecast as it airs, so you’ll hear our thoughts, comments, and other such insights throughout this WrassleCast. For this show, Classick is joined new WrassleCaster and guest Bre (@ShesSoOffbeat on twitter) and by returning WrassleCast all-stars Brandon Murphy (@brandonmmurphy on twitter) and  Keith Holt, Jr. (@KHoltJr or @RingTimePodcast on twitter, host of the Ring Time Pro Wrestling blog & radio show)

We hope you enjoy this two hour episode!
Please send your thoughts and feedback via comment here or e-mail us at coldslitherpodcast@gmail.com.
Also, if you want to join us as a guest on one of these WrassleCasts, just let us know, we’d love to chop it up with ya!″
Download links to the show:

Until next time, WrassleCasters… who am I to doubt El Dandy?


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