Comedians Take On Ep 1. Cerrome Russell – Being BiPolar

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The concept for Comedians Take On is kinda simple. I’m a fan of comedy. I like to laugh and joke as much as anyone. I’ve learned just how many people are actively pursuing careers in comedy. Through the years, I’ve come to follow a number of comedians who are maneuvering on the underground circuit. A lot of them got great jokes, but I’ve noticed that there are really no outlets covering indie comedians and following their work. I figured I’d use the skills I’ve developed over the decade or so that I’ve been in journalism and try to fill that void. The way it works is, I interview an indie comedian on the topic of their choosing, we see what comes from that and give them some deserved shine on their ascent to stardom.

This week, our guest is seasoned comic Cerrome Russell.  Cerrome shed a little light on what it’s like living with bipolar disorder from the perspective of people who have it.

You can follow Cerrome on Twitter at @CerromeRussell and IG at @metarome. You can also check out some of his material on his official You Tube channel.

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My name is Ryan K. Smith a.k.a. MeWeFree and I’m currently deputy editor of the legendary Don Diva Magazine with credits also in Complex, Ebony and Philadelphia Weekly, among others. I’m also a self- published author with three books now available. Everything on this site is independently my content.
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