Heel Heat Pilot Episode: WrestleMania 30 w/ @OigoLasVoces

Welcome to Heel Heat !

On the pilot episode, hosts Shawn (@ShaolinShoGunMA) and Dwayne (@thelibraicon) are joined by guest host Benny (@OigoLasVoces) to talk about their trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in April 2014 to attend WrestleMania XXX. They discuss their favorite WrestleMania that they’ve attended and their thoughts on the night Daniel Bryan defeated the Authority to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the end of the Undertaker’s undefeated streak.”

Join your hosts Shawn (@ShaolinShoGunMA) and Dwayne (@ActuallyDwayne) each week as they take a look back at favorite and infamous shows, matches, storylines and personalities from yesteryear in professional wrestling… with color!


Shawn (@ShaolinShoGunMA)
Dwayne Dunham (@TheLibraIcon)

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Meet the Heel Heat team:

Shawn aka Shaolin ShoGun

Shawn aka Shaolin ShoGun


From the Queeeeeeen City! Son, uncle, friend. Swag wouldn’t be swag without #TheU. Arya Strak stan. Music lover; 80s & 90s music 4ever! Marvel fanatic. The meanest, prettiest, baddest mofo low down around town!

Follow Shawn  on twitter@ShaolinShoGunMA

Dwayne Dunham

Been into sports since I was eight. I worked at ESPN for seven months, and have done sports writing on the side for four years. Currently I work as a reporter for Stats, LLC in the Nashville area. Love Kansas hoops, Miami (FL) football, Celtics, Panthers, and Mets.

Follow Dwayne on twitter @thelibraicon



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