Dainty Thug: Taylor Swift and Racially Insensitive Branding


Dainty Thug is not intended for those who are easily intimidated, fragile or snowflakes who think they are allies. Explicit and vulgar content included. Please proceed with caution as extreme blackness and intersectionality lie ahead. 


Rosa Sparks lays out a trill case study that puts brands and marketing agencies on blast. Join Rosa Sparks at #PodinLiveNYC May 11th https://bit.ly/2ZgZzFi

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About the host…

Rosa Sparks

Rosa Sparks, host of the Dainty Thug podcast explores pop and nerd culture, social media trends, and politics from a black feminist perspective.

Follow Rosa Sparks on these platforms:

Editor and Founder of Fabulize Magazine
Blog Contributor:  Huffington Post
Community Contributor: The Local New York Times
Twitter: @FabulizeMag
Instagram: @FabulizeMag
Facebook: FabulizeMag
Pinterest: Yumme
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Periscope: RosaSparks


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