Wheelin & Dealin Ep 08: Midterm Elections


Welcome to a new episode of the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ podcast on The CSPN!

On this episode of the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ podcast, Neal and Vilissa break down the 2018 midterm election results.

We discuss the Democrats regaining control of the House and what this means to marginalized communities; the many firsts for women and femmes who will be heading to Congress; Black women coming through again with their voting power and white women and Black men continuing to not do the same; ballots still being counted for the Governor races in Florida and Georgia, and major shakeup in South Carolina; 45 calling Jim Acosta “rude” and the not-so-surprising exit of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General; Election protection lawyers being our Unsung Heroes of the Week; and Jaime Harrison, former Chair of the SC Democrat Party, releases a book on building a career in politics.

Press play below and enjoy the show!

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